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English or other language speaker?

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Via del Vescovado 30 (We are here: see the map)

35141 Padova
tel. 049 8278509, 049 8278510; - fax 049 8278511

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00-19.45
Opening hours may change during holidays, please check the library homepage.

Studying in the Library
Everybody is allowed into the Library, provided that he/she gets the entrance card at the Information Desk. There are 93 seats in the library in 6 reading rooms.

The library owns almost 90.000 modern books, 800 ancient books, 300 current subscriptions to periodicals, 290 periodicals out of print, or whose subscription has been cancelled, dissertations (for reference use only), and several databases...

The textbooks of history courses are systematically acquired.

There are six reading rooms, where most of the reference collections are kept. Room T is reserved to professors, Academic staff and people using documents of our library.

Most of the material is open shelf, available to students on a self-service basis. Some materials, such as the old and rare books, are kept in a separate room and must be requested at the Information Desk.

All Library materials may be tracked down through the University OPAC.


Computer facilities

In the library there are 13 workstations. Three  of them are freely accessible but connected only to the OPAC; the others are available for the use of the university electronic resources and internet and they are accessible using your email address @unipd or as a login.

Wi-fi service is available inside the Library.

In the Library there are two self-service photocopiers, to be operated with the university badge through MyPrint service (you can also print or scan your documents from Pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.)


Local loan
Institutional ane external users are allowed to borrow books from the Library. In order to borrow books, students have to show their university badge or ‘libretto’. External users can borrow books by purchasing a card giving access to library services.

Loan conditions for the Humanities Libraries are:

  • Professors, Researchers, Postgraduate Students and University Staff can borrow up to 20 books for 60 days;
  • Students can borrow up to 10 books for 30 days;
  • External users can borrow up to 5 books for 30 days.

The renewal of the loan is possible only if the item has not been already booked. The loans may be renewed 5 times for institutional users and 2 times for external users.

The renewal can be made in person, by phone, email, or through the OPAC and starts from the moment it is requested.

Interlibrary Loan
Our Library participates to the university ILL service, coordinated by a Central Office (UCPI) located at the library of the Faculty of Statistical Sciences.


Via C.Battisti, 241-243
35121 Padova
TEL.0039 049 8274108(4107)
FAX 0039 049 827 4100

The service is available to students, post-graduate students, researchers and teachers belonging to the Department of History. Before placing a request, applicants should ensure that the item is not available in the University Libraries, nor in other Libraries of the city of Padua.

The Central Office (UCPI) lends the material owned by the cooperating libraries to Italian and foreign libraries, only for study and research reasons. Requests may be sent directly to the cooperating libraries: books will be collected and shipped by the Central office. Items must be sent back within 30 days to the UCPI.
The current charge is 1/2 IFLA voucher or 4.80 € on postal giro account (in Italy) and 2 IFLA voucher for foreign Libraries.

Document Delivery
Document delivery service is available at national and international level.

Institutional Users make their request using the service NILDE, available at the following address: The External users make their request at the library.

The Library sends out photocopies of articles and parts of monographs, according to the rules of copyright (law 633/1941). The service is available to libraries only.